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About us

In 2016 we established the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands as a meeting place for people interested in learning more about psychedelics. We advocate for the safe, responsible, and informed use of psychedelics as a means for exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness, for therapeutic and developmental purposes.

The Society organizes events related to the psychedelic experience, such as lectures, movie screenings, music events, art classes, and discussion groups. We aim for a holistic approach, discussing the social, cultural, therapeutic, and scientific aspects of the use of psychedelics.

Our Mission

We promote the safe, informed, and responsible use of psychedelics and altered states of consciousness to support healing, personal growth, and the evolution of culture.PSN is a platform for the dissemination of information, promotion of evidence-based advocacy, and connection with an informed community and support network. Our aim is to support learning, increased awareness, and a reduction of risks associated with the socially constructive use of altered states of consciousness.

Take a look at the video from one of our past events.

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