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The sitter service by a cognitive scientist and biohacking expert trained in psychedelic facilitation

The sitter service is an offer from the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands. The service is a one-to-one session with a carer who has worked with hundreds of people in 1-1 sessions and as a group retreat facilitator.

The sitter has a vast knowledge of human psychology, physiology, and cognitive functions gained as part of cognitive science MSc, independent research of scientific articles, and in courses such as an introduction to dance and movement therapy, and an introduction course to Somatic Experiencing. The facilitator was also trained by supervising therapists at one of the biggest legal retreats in the Netherlands.

The sitter will only provide a safe set and setting for the psychedelic experience. The participant will be responsible for buying psilocybin truffles (legal in the Netherlands) and bringing them to the session. You will be informed about the risks and go through a screening procedure to ensure that there are no serious contraindications for taking the truffles. You will also be provided with preparation and integration activities, including somatic practices, on the day of the session.

The service costs 500 EUR for the whole day 

Included in the price are:

  • Screening procedure – a survey and follow-up with analysis of your susceptibility to side effects or potential contraindications 
  • A one-hour-long preparation call to get to know each other, talk about intentions, preparation for the session, logistics, and the truffles’ dose. 
  • Links or addresses of smartshops where you can legally buy the truffles 
  • A sitter service session (about 10 hours): the session consists of a preparation conversation (around 2 hours), (around 6 hours long) truffle experience, a brief discussion about the experience, and some short somatic therapy exercises for grounding and sharing a meal. 
  • If requested, snacks and one big meal. 
  • A one-hour-long integration call – on the next day or the following days, depending on the client’s availability. During the integration call, the client will receive tips on bringing the insights from experience into everyday life and recommendations for the next steps. We will discuss what happened during the session, what emotions emerged, and how they were connected to physical sensations and cognitive mind models.

Excluded is the cost of truffles and accommodation.

The preferred location is either Airbnb, a hotel, or another location chosen by the participant. 

The program aims to support clients with tools for better emotional and nervous system regulation.  

Included is an introduction to somatic practices – some basic grounding exercises to make sure that you have a tool that could support you during and after the experience. You will be introduced to the concept of interoception (awareness of sensations from the body) to support you with rewiring the mind-body connection towards a more embodied self.

The program also utilizes some basic concepts from the ACE – Accept Connect Embody model (used at the Imperial College London studies) and Somatic Experiencing.

The aim of introducing these basic concepts is to support you with understanding your nervous system’s responses and how to balance them to get more energy, a better mood, and improved stress resilience.

The focus of the service is mostly on interpersonal relational issues, not on the transcendental, but if the transcendental experience occurs, the client will receive guidance on how to uncover what it means for them.

The sitter embraces a non –judgmental and non-directive approach – clients are invited to curiously explore, accept and embody the process their body is going through during the truffles’ experience, whether that would be a very mild, nearly unnoticeable reaction or intense mystical experience. 

Would you like to receive more information or have questions about the sitter service? Then email us at or contact the sitter at