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About Us

Why a Psychedelic Society?

For decades, the use of psychedelics was mostly being discussed in hush voices. A quick cultural flare-up in the middle of the 20th century caused an unfortunate panic among the powers that were, resulting in stringent laws forbidding their use in many countries worldwide.

Those days are coming to an end.

A new psychedelic renaissance has emerged. Scientific interest in their workings is on the point of a break though, the internet has made them widely available to the interested, and positive experiences with psychedelics no longer have to be kept silent.

The Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands wants to give community and understanding to those who like to share their experiences with mind-altering substances and reaches out to all adults who like to know more about their workings.

Our Mission

We promote the safe, informed, and responsible use of psychedelics and altered states of consciousness to support healing, personal growth, and the evolution of culture.

PSN is a platform for the dissemination of information, promotion of evidence-based advocacy, and connection with an informed community and support network. Our aim is to support learning, increased awareness, and a reduction of risks associated with the socially constructive use of altered states of consciousness.

What we do

The PSN believes in building an active, supportive, like-minded, psychedelic community by creating regular events to meet, share experiences, and facilitate open, constructive public discussion.   We organize lectures, film screenings, music events, art classes, and discussion groups.

We take an integrative approach, discussing the social, cultural, and scientific aspects of psychedelics—this includes inviting experts and those with extensive personal experience in each of those domains to offer their insights.

We aim to foster a positive image of psychedelics and advocate for their safe, informed, and socially constructive use.

We believe psychedelics are an integral part of the evolution of human consciousness, making apparent the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things, generating greater creative inspiration, and fostering unity at a time when humanity appears increasingly divided and cut off from our wider ecosystem.   The PSN actively collaborates with other similar organizations around the world, conducting research, promoting harm reduction, and building community. We welcome anyone interested in psychedelics, experienced psychonaut, or curious beginner, please get involved!


How We Got Started

Coincidentally, Marta Kaczmarczyk and Jules Marshall both wanted to create a Dutch psychedelic society at the same time. They were inspired by the psychedelic society of the United Kingdom, which is how they found each other. They met in Amsterdam, and that’s how things got started.

The Team

Ever since the beginning, the team of volunteers has slowly been growing. Nobody is here for profit; we all just want to support the psychedelic renaissance in whatever way we can. Some people tag along for just a single project, others hang around forever. If you want to see if you can help out, please email us at

The Community

The psychedelic community in the Netherlands is growing fast. Ever since its inception, the PSN has been a platform that connects all kinds of people, ranging from the curious to the expert. Find the others in our Facebook Group and at our events.

Come to an event!

Visit the events page to see what we have in store Click Here